Pokémon Presentation Template

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Make a presentation inspired by Gen 3 Pokémon games: Fire Red/Leaf Green and Ruby/Sapphire!

You'll get:

A PowerPoint file (.pptx) with 32 slides, 9 layouts.

Pokémon-themed PowerPoint template

Editable .pptx file compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint

What you'll get in the file

Compatibility and custom fonts

We recommend you use the latest desktop version of Microsoft PowerPoint on your Mac/PC for the best experience.

The file may also work in Google Slides, Keynote and other presentation software, but some elements and animations may be shifted, replaced or unavailable.

Depending on what device and version of Microsoft PowerPoint you are using, you may need to install custom fonts to edit the template (links will be shown on the download page).


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This PowerPoint template is free, but any donations will be greatly appreciated!! :)

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Pokémon Presentation Template

62 ratings
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